Vicksburg Warren School District, Vicksburg, MS

Contact: Child Nutrition Director

Digi SmartTemps Sites & Equipment
14 Schools, 31 Digi Smart Guards

Why did you buy the Digi SmartTemps program?
We purchased the Digi SmartTemps program after a preliminary pilot program at our central office warehouse and Beechwood Elementary. The pilot was so successful we installed the program at all sites in 2011. The bottom line for utilizing this program was economic. The department was paying mileage and labor to check coolers and freezers during all school holidays and summer break. When we analyzed the existing cost vs. the automated Digi SmartTemps program the savings made the decision for us.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?
The Digi SmartTemps program gives us around-the-clock monitoring of our coolers and freezers. It also gives us a documented record of all temperatures on demand for health inspection purposes. This program has become an integral part of each schools HACCP plan. The automated call, text, and email alert system has also made school personnel, students, and parents aware of our efforts to provide safe food for our school community. The automated messages are often an opportunity to open a discussion about food safety with these individuals.

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?
The automated alert system has become indispensable. Digi SmartTemps provides peace of mind, not only for me but also for my maintenance department.

How has Digi SmartTemps saved you time, money and improved product safety?
The Digi SmartTemps program has saved us labor hours and mileage reimbursement for each program site. One unexpected saving has been proactive preventive maintenance on equipment. Using the graph and chart of temperatures on individual pieces of equipment, we are able to look at history and possible maintenance problems. The program has truly become an essential part of our Food Safety Program.
“Digi SmartTemps provides peace of mind not only for me but also for my maintenance department.”

-Child Nutrition Director