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NIST Traceable Standards

Digi SmartTemps offers a full range of NIST Traceable Calibration Services for its equipment.

Why calibrate?

All sensors, including Digi SmartTemps equipment, drift – becoming less accurate – as environment, usage, and time take their toll on them. Some sensors experience little drift while others can drift dramatically during the course of a few months. Calibration reduces the risks associated with measurements, regulatory requirements, and international acceptability. Measurements made with uncalibrated instruments could possibly result in various legal or compliance liability issues. Maintaining a robust measurement management program can save your company thousands of dollars while keeping your measuring devices in compliance.

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Technology behind Digi Calibration Services

Standards are vital

Digi SmartTemps Temperature and Humidity Calibration Services are NIST traceable, performed in compliance with recognized national and international guidelines. Our calibration standards have been acquired specifically for calibrating our product lineup.

Calibration adjustment Allows for calibration adjustments should a device drift out of tolerance*
Data points Five data points reported on Calibration Certificate
Electronic storage Certificates stored electronically on Digi Smart Command
Services provided Offers both in-house and on-site calibration services. Flexible calibration solutions.
FDA and CDC requirements Meets/exceeds FDA and CDC requirement as well as 4:1 test uncertainty ratio (TUR)**
ISO / IEC 17025 Compliant to ISO / IEC 17025 standard

*Digi Smart Humidity Guard cannot be adjusted.

**Humidity standard TUR is 3:1.

Eliminate hand-written temperature logs

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