Moore Public Schools, Moore, OK
Contact: Child Nutrition Director

Digi SmartTemps Sites & Equipment
33 Schools, 66 Digi Smart Guards, 47 Digi Smart Shields

Why did you buy the Digi SmartTemps program?
The reason we decided to buy the Digi SmartTemps System was twofold. First, we had been using outdated thermometers and hand-written logs to record food and equipment temperatures. This was both ineffective and prone to errors. We needed a better way to maintain records and improve our hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) plan. The second reason was economic. The cost for lost food from failed equipment and the labor cost for checking on equipment during off hours, holidays, and breaks made the idea of using technology an easy choice.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?
The Digi SmartTemps system gives us 24/7/365 monitoring of our coolers and freezers. It gives us the documentation we need for our HACCP plan. The automated call, text, and email alert system has also saved us thousands of dollars in potential lost food from failed equipment. Within the first month I received a notification that a freezer at one of our schools was too warm. When I got to the site, a breaker had been tripped so the system saved $4,000 in food that had been delivered the previous day.

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?
The alerts are invaluable. As I mentioned, we have saved real dollars as a result of the notifications we have received when freezers and refrigerators have issues; not to mention the preventive reports we receive that help us identify maintenance issues before a unit actually goes down.

How has Digi SmartTemps saved you time, money, and improved product safety?
We had a number of tornadoes that had come through our area last year. We were able to know exactly what was going on in each freezer and refrigerator around the district amidst all the chaos. In the aftermath, I was able to show our school board that the investment in this technology helped save the district over $300,000 in food that otherwise the health department would have made us throw away because we wouldn’t have been able to prove it had been held safely while the power was off.

“Digi SmartTemps is one piece of technology that I am excited to have. The system has paid for itself and the benefits are clear to see.”

-Child Nutrition Director