Major City School District, Midwest

Digi SmartTemps Sites & Equipment
145 Schools, 900 Digi Smart Guards, 250 Digi Smart Shields

Why did you buy the Digi SmartTemps program?
Initially, two words: time and money. We were handwriting 15 logs for our HACCP compliance. In all actuality, the value of the data being collected was highly questionable when collected at all. Secondly, while we had a hardwired alarm system in place on most of our walk-in coolers and freezers, the alert settings were set very high to avoid false alarms. This resulted in alarms not sounding until we already were in the danger zone and subject to product loss.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?
With a click of a button, we can generate a report which shows which locations are compliant and which are not. Further, Digi SmartTemps has increased our accountability over our entire program. By monitoring what menu items were temped that day and which were not we can quickly and easily see instances where our program may not have been in compliance with federal meal guidelines. This has given us a level of accountability for our program that reaches far beyond food safety.

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?
The maintenance report function has paid for the program monitoring cost over and over. Using this one function we can tell hours and sometimes days in advance of a refrigeration unit that is not functioning properly BEFORE it goes above temperature. This saves us a great deal of time and money in responding to a problem rather than reacting to an emergency!

How has Digi SmartTemps saved you time, money, and improved product safety?
It has increased our accountability three-fold not only from an HACCP standpoint but also from a USDA-compliance standpoint. We no longer have any product loss from refrigeration failures. Our processes are streamlined and seamless. The health department and State love it.
“Digi SmartTemps has given us a level of accountability for our program that reaches far beyond food safety.”

-Director / Major City School District