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Discover how SMART Temps helps ease the workload in higher education

The higher education food service business is built on efficient processes and routines, production-at-scale, and a commitment to regulation, compliance, and quality control. It’s critical to have a modern temperature management process that helps you manage food safety throughout the different phase changes during production.

“We initially conducted a pilot program to determine if the system could improve our food safety program in the student union. The pilot was so successful we made plans to expand the program into 5 other dining facilities on campus.”

Systems Manager
Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

All products provide real-time temperature documentation that exceeds all HACCP Reporting Compliance standards via a secure wireless network to the SMART Command Center. The entire SMART Temps Temperature Management System helps your team put food and student safety at the forefront with a real return on investment.


Eliminating hand-written temperature logs is easy and affordable

Transform organizational efficiencies with automated wireless temperature monitoring
to regain control of quality, compliance, productivity, and convenience

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Features and benefits

Patented products and systems with complete wireless technology
  • Mobile access for data viewing and management from anywhere in the world
  • 100% web-based (no software)
  • IT capabilities: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular
  • 24/7/365 alerts – text, email, phone call
Monitoring capabilities
  • Monitors: Freezers, refrigerators, open-air coolers, store rooms, walk-in refrigerators, incubators, fluid warmers, relative humidity, ambient air, and pressure differential monitoring
  • 96 temperature readings per day
  • Long battery life
SMART Command Center® reporting tool
  • 100% web-based (no software)
  • SMART Guard® Probe options
  • Air temperature thermistor
  • Product simulator glycol thermistor
Exceeds all Federal record keeping requirements
  • Code of Federal Regulations, CFR21 electronic data compliance
Ability to manage large-scale operations
  • Scalable system
  • Secure cloud data storage and retrieval
  • Sustainable data archiving eliminates paper logs/storage
  • Redundant mirrored servers in strategic geographical locations
  • Fully integrates to all buildings
  • Customer Support and Engineering in-house
Proven return on investment (ROI)
  • Prevent losses
  • Control costs
  • Improve safety
  • Increase quality of care/service
  • Reduce liabilities
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Hi-School Pharmacy

Hi-School Pharmacy, Vancouver, WA Contact: Assistant Pharmacy Director  SMART Temps Sites & Equipment 24 Sites, 52 SMART Guards Why did you buy the SMART Temps program? Before buying SMART Temps, we had been looking at several different options to purchase. There were several things that convinced us to go with SMART Temps though. First the history …

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Mercy Health Partners

Mercy Health Partners, Muskegon, MI Contact: Pharmacy Information Systems Coordinator SMART Temps Sites & Equipment 3 Hospitals, 215 SMART Guards Why did you buy the SMART Temps program? Mercy Health Muskegon carefully considered four temperature monitoring systems before we settled on SMART Temps. We identified the SMART Temps temperature monitoring system as being superior to …

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SNA Legislative Action Conference Impressions

The School Nutrition Association’s annual Legislative Action Conference is an opportunity for SNA members and industry professionals to meet with their legislators to discuss issues facing the industry. This year SMART Temps own Mac McKay, Director of Sales, and Michael Miller, SMART Temps co-founder and Representative, were in attendance to lobby in favor of the …

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