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Real-time temperature monitoring system

A fully-automated, comprehensive system that relies on proprietary hardware and cloud-based data storage to provide accurate, round-the-clock temperature logging for regulatory compliance and quality control.


Setup temperature monitoring sensors to collect data

Place automatic temperature monitoring sensors in hot and/or cold environments such as refrigerators, freezers, hot boxes, flow-of-food, multi-purpose rooms, and other areas that require monitoring.

Digi Smart Shield Pro

Use a custom Android or iOS application and bluetooth temperature probe to assist in the flow of food and HACCP compliance

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Digi Smart Shield

A low-cost, wireless solution designed to assist in the flow-of-food and HACCP compliance

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Digi Smart Guard

Monitors hot and cold equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, hot boxes, dish machines, and store rooms.

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Connect sensors to a secured gateway that encrypts and transfers data through a wireless network

Minimize installation time with our Digi Smart Link that provides a means of communication between wireless temperature monitoring sensors and a cloud-based command center via ethernet, cellular, or Wi-Fi


Monitor remotely and get real-time alerts

Use Digi Smart Command to monitor and manage temperatures collected from both equipment and flow-of-food, along with completed tasks and inspection results.

Monitor 24/7/365
Get alerts by email, text, and phone to provide real-time visibility when you need it.

Manage Remotely
Effectively manage temperature logs from multiple sensors, inspection results, and completed tasks anywhere internet is available to ensure compliance and maintain quality control.

Automated Reporting
Receive accurate temperature data without human intervention, or error, that will allow you to take corrective action if the readings fall outside your target range.

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