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Prevent losses, control costs, improve safety, and reduce liabilities

Speed and accuracy of documentation and reporting

Sustainable data archiving eliminates paper logs and storage

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Complete Wireless Technology

Mobile access for data viewing and management from anywhere in the world

24/7/365 alerts – text, email, phone call

Fully integrates to all departments: Pharmacy, lab, clinics, food service, off-site, etc.

Monitors: Freezers, refrigerators, open-air coolers, store rooms, walk-in refrigerators, incubators, fluid warmers

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K-12 Schools

As a Food Service Director, you know all about the day-to-day challenges of serving delicious, safe, and nutritious meals to hundreds of students. From stocking the kitchen and preparing food to maintaining rigorous reporting standards, you and your staff have an enormous workload.

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Higher Education

The higher education food service business is built on efficient processes and routines, production-at-scale, and a commitment to regulation, compliance, and quality control. It’s critical to have a modern temperature management process that helps you manage food safety throughout the different phase changes during production.

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Food Service

The day-to-day challenges of serving delicious, safe meals to hundreds of customers as well as managing staff can be challenging. From monitoring food temperatures to maintaining rigorous reporting standards, you have an enormous workload. Increasing demands on your time and budgets make it hard to handle everything alone.


Hospitals & Clinics

In Healthcare, temperature management is crucial. Not only is food safety of the utmost importance, but so is preserving the efficacy and integrity of your vaccines, medications, blood, and test samples. This is quite the challenge, especially with shrinking budgets and constricting government regulations.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, temperature management is crucial in maintaining the appropriate temperature of valuable, expensive drugs, vaccines, and biologics. Digi SmartTemps can help protect these investments and keep the pharmacy’s focus on patient care and safety.

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Digi SmartTemps monitors over 10,000 locations

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Hi-School Pharmacy

Hi-School Pharmacy, Vancouver, WA Contact: Assistant Pharmacy Director  Digi SmartTemps Sites & Equipment 24 Sites, 52 Digi Smart Guards Why did you buy the Digi SmartTemps program? Before buying Digi SmartTemps, we had been looking at several different options to purchase. There were several things that convinced us to go with Digi SmartTemps though. First the history …

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Moore Public Schools

We needed a better way to maintain records and improve our hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) plan.

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Carlsbad Municipal Schools

The 24/7/365 temperature monitoring of our walk-in freezers and coolers during nights, weekends, and holidays have given me peace of mind. Since we have implemented Digi SmartTemps, we have had no food loss due to equipment failure.

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